Below I have outlined some breed standards and characteristics which I have experienced with these breeds. There are many different opinions as to the most suitable breeds so I merely offer you my personal opinion of them based on my own experiences


Mini Lop




With an ideal adult weight of just 3lbs 4oz (1.5Kg) to 3lbs 8oz (1.6Kg) this is the smallest of the lop breeds. Like all lops, it is one of the more docile rabbits. They have a generally calm and aminable temperament coupled with a fun cheeky streak. These are slightly more playful than some of the larger lops such as German and French. These are one of the best breeds for children and adults alike. Ring size K


Lion Lop





The lion lop, or "mini lion lop" is fundamentaly a cross between the lionhead and mini lop. They are a very recent addition to the breeding standards. They seem to have retained much of the temperament of the mini lop but with the addition of the lionhead mane. These are undoubtedly one of the cutest breeds around.


Dwarf Lop




These are slightly larger than the mini lops ideally weighing in between 4lb 4oz (2.03Kg) and 5lb 4oz (2.38Kg). Their temperament is very similar to that of the mini lop though I find them slightly more serious. Their size makes them still within comfortable bounds for handling by children and gives them some advantages as house rabbits. Ring size C


German Lops





One of the larger of the lop breeds, the German weighs in at between 6lbs 8oz (2.95Kg) and 8lbs 8oz (3.86Kg). There size can make them unsuitable for some children to handle, however, this can in many ways lend them towards living with small people as they are large enough to be stroked and petted without being picked up and carried around. They do make fantastic house rabbits and are far less likely to be tripped over than some of the smaller breeds. Ring size L






These are very appealing rabbits especially when young but they can be a little more fiery than the lops. They are better suited to adults or competent children but best avoided as a first rabbit for the very young. They are beautiful rabbits with a "lion's" mane which does require a small amount of grooming attention. The lionhead is a medium sized rabbit weighing between 3lbs and 3lbs 12 oz. Ring size C.


Silver Fox





Sweet and gentle by nature the silver fox are one of my favourite breeds. They can be shy and nervous but rarely show any kind of aggression. If handled correctly they make adorable pets and have a beautiful soft coat and colour very specific to their breed. They are slightly larger than the dwarf lop but still a manageable size making them a frst class pet breed. Ring size D


Netherland Dwarf

The tigers of the rabbit world! These guys are fantastic fun in a tiny little adorable bundle. However, be warned that beneath this tichy package lies a tiger's heart. They are inquisitive, cheeky and independent rabbits giving boundless fun and entertainment but best left to adults and competent children. Weighing in at just 2lb (1Kg) to 2lbs 8oz (1.13Kg) they are one of the smallest breeds widely available as pets. Ring size X


Mini Rex




One of the most appealing features of the rex breeds is their coat. It is like no other rabbit coat, with its dense, velvety feel it is a pleasure to stroke. The mini rex is the smallest of the rex breeds and is comparible in size to the mini lop. Their temperament is somewhere between a lop and a silver fox. They are very rarely aggressive but their nervousness can make them a little hard to handle if they have not been properly brought up. Some lines can be a little querky but the parents are always a good guide. Handled correctly from an early age they make wonderful pets. Ring size B.


Standard Rex




The standard rex is identical in every way to the mini rex only slightly larger, about the size of a silver fox. With an adult weight of between 6 and 8lbs, ring size E.

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